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Outdoor cultivation is the cultivation of hemp plants outdoors. This culture brings an unrivalled natural appearance to the flower.

Planted outdoors, cannabis is highly prone to its environment. In this idea, the plant evolves with its environment by giving itself during its growth new terpenes present all around. These are felt to taste since it is easy to identify the notes, often of wood or floral, additional according to the varieties. These terpenes do not distort those of the plant's genome and are added to increase the flavours during tasting.

Under such conditions, it is also not impossible that some terpenes sensitive to cold, water or over-oxygenation do not develop sufficiently and that their flavor is somewhat masked by that of others.

Because the control of nitric fertilizers and enrichments is less important than in other growth techniques, THE cbD level is often lower in Outdoor plants.


The flowers in this category followed an Indoor culture system. This means that the plants grew indoors, usually in a converted shed.

The quality of the plants released is excellent and full of flavours, thanks to the control carried out throughout the growth of the plant. Indeed, this type of environment allows to control to perfection all the conditions of development of the plant, allowing the concentration on the quality of terpenes or CBD levels.

Indoor cultivation, however, is very expensive and not responsible because it requires representing the natural conditions of growth of the plant in a closed place. These conditions are often tropical or very dry and their implementation requires a lot of means.


Greenhouse cultivation is greenhouse cultivation.

Plants placed in greenhouses are exposed to the benefits of natural light throughout the day. However, their tropical origin often takes longer to develop terpenes, so the lamps take over when the sun sets. Planting in the outside, allows the good development of the roots and thus the natural resistance of the plant, the greenhouse completes by protecting from aggressions related to climate or insects.

To taste, we find terpenes much more expressed than in the Outdoor culture, especially by the fact that they are not bothered by other natural aromas. But somewhat weaker than those of hyper-controlled culture in Indoor.

It is also considered the controlled crop leaving the smallest ecological footprint, positioning itself as the most responsible.

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