We founded GREEN DOG'S with a goal:
Offer a selection of high quality flowers.

GREEN DOG'S CBD offers CBD flowers carefully selected by our experts and all our products comply with European legislation - (EU) 2015/2283

Our teams regularly meet Swiss and French producers to find rare pearls. Tasty, cultivated with ethics and respect, our flowers come from a culture respectful of the environment and the consumer. Pesticide-free guarantees, they are marked with the seal of excellence.

Located in Marseille, our network provides you with express delivery to and around Marseille.

We also ship our products throughout France in 24/48H and even to the International. We can also deliver to and around Marseille.

The value of the THC of the products remained at less than 0.2%.

Three analyses are carried out in advance of the sale.
(1 per producer's laboratory, 1 by our laboratory and 1 by a Certified French Laboratory)

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