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Booster CBD
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Booster CBD

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Booster CBD

Make your own CBD e-liquids with the Marie Jeanne CBD booster. Made in France, this booster is available in several concentrations to allow you to make your e-liquids with the dosage of your choice.

How do I use the Marie Jeanne CBD Booster?

This CBD booster is not ready for use. It should be diluted in a neutral base or in a non-nicotine e-liquid. This booster contains no aroma. If you dilute it in a neutral base, you also need to add a concentrated aroma to obtain a flavored e-liquid. This CBD booster is compatible with any concentrated aroma.

With which basis should you use a CBD Booster?

The e liquid or selected base must contain a high proportion of propylene glycol (PG) for optimal dissolution of the CBD booster. A liquid or base with too much vegetable glycerin (VG) will give you a liquid too thick to be vapeed with CBD. Ideally, opt for a PG/VG ratio of 70/30 or 80/20, such as that of the   DIY Marie Jeanne Base.

What equipment to use to make its CBD e-liquid?

To make your CBD e-liquid with this booster, you'll need:

A neutral base bottle (or a non-nicotine e-liquid)
A concentrated aroma (if you opt for a neutral base)
A syringe (to do your dosages accurately)
Empty vials (to store your e-liquid)

How to know the dosages to make your Liquid with your Booster?

To know the dosages to create your E-liquid with your CBD Booster - the base - your aroma, you must first:

- Determine the desired CBD concentration,
- Know the concentration of your Booster (250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg),
- Know how much liquid you want to make (your empty container).

Marie Jeanne boosters are sold in 10ml or:

- The 500 mg booster contains 50mg/ml

Example of CBD Booster dosage:

To make a 300mg concentration liquid in a 10ml container you will need for example:

- 6ml of BOOSTER CBD 500mg (6x50mg - 300mg)


- 3ml of BOOSTER CBD 1000mg (3x100mg - 300mg)


- 2ml OF BOOSTER CBD 1500mg (2x150mg - 300mg)

The rest of the bottle is to be filled with your base and your aroma. Aromas are generally recommended on quantities ranging from 10% to 20% (i.e. between 1ml and 2ml of aroma in the previous example).

Tip: Make your calculations from a 10ml bottle and multiply the quantities. For example, a 50ml bottle contains 5 times more liquid than a 10ml bottle, you need to multiply the amounts of CBD Booster by 5 times to make your mixture in a 50ml container.

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Frédéric Spaeth
Très satisfait

Produit conforme à mes attentes, livraison rapide, je recommande ce site

Top merci pour les cadeaux aussi . Sav très présent

Très bonne communication Sav
Produit de qualité

Tom Ouharzoune
Bon produit

Bon produit, permet des dosages assez élevés par contre un full spectre est bcp plus complet, je recommande

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