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Booster CBD

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Booster CBD

Make your own CBD e-liquids with the Marie Jeanne CBD booster. Made in France, this booster is available in several concentrations to allow you to make your e-liquids with the dosage of your choice.

How do I use the Marie Jeanne CBD Booster?

This CBD booster is not ready for use. It should be diluted in a neutral base or in a non-nicotine e-liquid. This booster contains no aroma. If you dilute it in a neutral base, you also need to add a concentrated aroma to obtain a flavored e-liquid. This CBD booster is compatible with any concentrated aroma.

With which basis should you use a CBD Booster?

The e liquid or selected base must contain a high proportion of propylene glycol (PG) for optimal dissolution of the CBD booster. A liquid or base with too much vegetable glycerin (VG) will give you a liquid too thick to be vapeed with CBD. Ideally, opt for a PG/VG ratio of 70/30 or 80/20, such as that of the   DIY Marie Jeanne Base.

What equipment to use to make its CBD e-liquid?

To make your CBD e-liquid with this booster, you'll need:

A neutral base bottle (or a non-nicotine e-liquid)
A concentrated aroma (if you opt for a neutral base)
A syringe (to do your dosages accurately)
Empty vials (to store your e-liquid)

How to know the dosages to make your Liquid with your Booster?

To know the dosages to create your E-liquid with your CBD Booster - the base - your aroma, you must first:

- Determine the desired CBD concentration,
- Know the concentration of your Booster (250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg),
- Know how much liquid you want to make (your empty container).

Marie Jeanne boosters are sold in 10ml or:

- The 500 mg booster contains 50mg/ml

Example of CBD Booster dosage:

To make a 300mg concentration liquid in a 10ml container you will need for example:

- 6ml of BOOSTER CBD 500mg (6x50mg - 300mg)


- 3ml of BOOSTER CBD 1000mg (3x100mg - 300mg)


- 2ml OF BOOSTER CBD 1500mg (2x150mg - 300mg)

The rest of the bottle is to be filled with your base and your aroma. Aromas are generally recommended on quantities ranging from 10% to 20% (i.e. between 1ml and 2ml of aroma in the previous example).

Tip: Make your calculations from a 10ml bottle and multiply the quantities. For example, a 50ml bottle contains 5 times more liquid than a 10ml bottle, you need to multiply the amounts of CBD Booster by 5 times to make your mixture in a 50ml container.

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vapote super Skunk

Super effet relaxant, goût terreux sucré , un bon moyen pour diminuer la cigarette en ce faisant du bien.

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